EventGames Internship

I was an intern at EventGames for 3 months at the start of 2021. While there I designed and developed a new quiz administration system for one of their games. They had a system before, but it was not intuitive and in no way usable by customers. They now have an easy and customer friendly way of editing questions, themes, and previewing games in the browser.

As part of my internship I have used: Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Docker, Java, libGDX, Linux, Postgres, GitLab.

I have had the pleasure of managing Levi during a three month internship at the beginning of 2021. During the internship he successfully completed the design, implementation and rollout of a big extension to our administration system. Besides being an excellent programmer, Levi has demonstrated a high level of competency regarding all other facets of software development. I was particularly impressed by his ability to quickly adapt to new languages and frameworks. Furthermore, Levi is a good communicator, very friendly and social. I would not think twice about working with Levi again, and thus give him my best recommendations.
Michael Barkholt
Lead Software Engineer at Eventgames