Dongle Hell

I took part in GMTK Game Jam 2021 and joined alone this time. The theme of the jam was “Joined Together”. I ended up 27 overall and 7 in originality out of 5816. Below is my score card.

You are about to share an important earnings report that might land you a promotion, but for some reason, the projector uses a SATA cable while your laptop only has USB ports. Luckily for you, the office has many weird dongles you can use. Find a way to convert USB into SATA so you can give the maybe most important presentation of your life.


  • You can drag dongles around using left mouse button.
  • Dongles automatically connect when pushed into matching connection type.
  • You can disconnect a dongle again using right mouse button.
  • When you hover over a dongle, the connection type is shown in the top right corner.

Play on
You can play the game in your browser or download a Windows built over at Itch.