Games Can Be More Then Entertainment

I did a workshop about how you can use games for other things than just pure entertainment for the students at Game College in Grenaa

Games can be a powerful tool to share ideas with as the player is part of the world you created in a way that is not possible in other media. In games you are not merely observing events, you are part of them. As a player, you have a direct impact on what is happening.

The students formed groups of 4 and made a game where the primary goal was to share an idea. It was not essential to have a fun or pretty game. The important part was to think about what unique tools games have they could use.

I want to highlight one of the games from the workshop. The game is an idle clicker. You invest in things like factories to produce items that can be soled. The demand for new things rises as you play. To keep up with demand, you have to invest in more and more morally questionable things. Invest in political campaigns that will lower safety requirements so you can speed up production. Switch from adult labor to child labor to save money. The idea was that if we want new cool and cheap stuff, we also have to accept how it is being made.