Only One Minute Before Restart

I took part in GMTK Game Jam 2019 and decided to go alone this time. My personal goal with the jam was to get better at creating a visual style for my games and to design a game that is easy for the player to understand without a long tutorial. The theme of the jam was only “Only One”.

I ended up in the top 20 best games of the jam out of 2632 entries which made me extremely happy! wrote an article about the jam were in a gave a small interview. You can find it here.

You play as an office worker just about to finish an important email for your boss until the unthinkable happens, an os update! The update will automatically restart your computer in only one minute and you have not saved anything for at least an hour. Hurry up and stop the update, but with time running out quickly and a not so user-friendly interface that is easier said than done.

What you need to do is written in the lower-left corner. At any time you only need to use the Space, Enter, and arrow keys. If you play the downloaded version you close the game with Escape.

Extra info
The game is absolutely best played in full screen with sounds on.
The first password in the game is “toolkit”.
If the game is lagging when playing in the browser please try to download it.