I made Outlaw as part of my 2. semester final exam. The game was originally made for PC in our own MonoGame engine, but was later ported to Unity and Android. I am very proud of what we made!

You play as an outlaw that have way too short conversations with strangers before you start shooting everything up. As enemies come at you from the left and right side of the screen, you have to press the corresponding arrow keys to kill them. Watch out some enemies may take more than 1 hit to kill and some may even start jumping around to avoid getting hit. As you play you unlock new abilities that can help you in your fight against…. well everyone that is not you.


Made by
Levi Moore
Daniel Hansen
Camilla Vallentin
Stine Lund

Lobo Loco, edited
Jason Shaw, edited

Sound Effects
Grant Evans, edited
Artisticdude, edited
KlawyKogut, edited