Running Out

I took part in Viborg Game Jam as part of the Frost Bandit team and we teamed up with the awesome artist Stine. This was the first game jam where I tried to not get involved with the graphical part of the game.

We won 2 out of 6 categories “Best Mechanics” and “Best Game”. I am extremely happy with the result and with the good teamwork we had.

Running Out is a game about sustaining your phone battery while trying to find the train station. In an unknown city, with only 2 minutes before your train departs, you have to use your phone to navigate to the train station. But your phone is running low, and if it dies, you can’t show your train ticket to the conductor. Take quick peaks at your map, and try not to get distracted by your many fun apps.


Made by
Levi Moore
Daniel Hansen
Camilla Vallentin
Stine Lund

Sound Effects
knufds, tack00, benzix2, GameAudio.