I LOVE VR. I believe it is going to revolutionize gaming just like 3D and the GPU did. VR is still in its early days, and there are still many things we need to figure out, but soon when someone finds the missing puzzle pieces, it will be a wild ride.

I play a lot of VR games, but I also like to make things with VR. I have tried many frameworks but never found one that I liked. It always felt like I had to choose between a static world where only scripted objects were interactable, and my hands could move through solid objects (Skyrim), or an overly physic-based system that ended up sacrificing player usability and gameplay (Boneworks). Skyrim and Boneworks are both still great games, by the way.

I decided to try and make a framework that hopefully could find a balance between the two. Above are some videos highlighting some of the things I have been working on.